Before beginning

  1. All users must belong to an organization.  
  2. Therefore, an existing organization admin user is required to modify the users of an organization. 
  3. If you do not have an organization yet, you must first create an organization account as described in a separate FAQ.

Change user role or membership plan

  1. Sign in as an organization admin user.
  2. Go to your organization profile from the header menu.
  3. Click the Users heading to access User Management
  4. In the users table, notice the columns labeled Membership and Role.
  5. To change the user role or membership plan, select dropdown menu to see options.
  6. If any changes are made to the users table, click Save Changes to keep them.
  7. Users must sign out, then sign in for changes to take effect.
  8. See below for important info about membership upgrades and downgrades.

Membership upgrades and downgrades

  • User membership upgrades are prorated for the current billing cycle.
  • User membership downgrades are not refunded for any unused time in the current billing cycle.

For more about billing for user memberships, see other FAQ.