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If you are new to Drivetrain Hub, welcome to the community!  

Feel free to introduce yourself and what brings you here.

I'll start!  My name is Chad Glinsky, and I am the founder and creator of Drivetrain Hub. I am  classically educated and trained in the field of Mechanical Engineering where I hold a Master of Science degree from Michigan State University.  In addition to my university experience as a teaching and research assistant, I've held engineering positions in the automotive and consulting industries.

More recently, I've developed a strong interest in cloud software engineering. The web is a great platform for building easy-to-use and democratized solutions at an affordable price to the end user. The advancement of web technologies in recent years has made it possible to offer far-reaching products with small teams.  With this in mind, Drivetrain Hub was built!

I look forward to getting to know the community as we move forward together!

Bumping this thread, hoping to get more of our introverted friends to introduce themselves!

A lot of people with very interesting backgrounds have joined Drivetrain Hub, so it'd be great to hear from more of them. 

As described in About Us, transparency is one of the key principles that guides the efforts of Drivetrain Hub.


I'm Bob White.  I recently retired from John Deere as a Drivetrain NVH Test Engineer.  I have experience with all manner of drivetrain tests, but I'm known for making the difficult measurements such as:  gear tooth root strain, gear tilt, driveline critical speed, bearing x,y,z forces, and transmission error.  I look forward to continuing to do what I do best, help solve drivetrain noise and durability problems.

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I'm Manny Hernandez and I am an engineer at Scout Clean Energy. Our wind turbines use gearboxes to convert low speed high torque, to high speed low torque for a generator.

I mainly focus on gearbox vibration analysis to detect failing drive train components. I am interested in learning more about gearbox design, as well as gear and bearing design, to investigate design changes that can improve reliability. Wind turbine gearboxes suffer from gear tooth damage as well as bearing damage due to numerous reasons. The concern is when the gearboxes fail early into the life of the machine. I look forward to working with others on the subject!

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