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Consultant Match planning

As our Consultant Match web service is currently in-development, now is the best time for us to receive input from prospective users of the service.  That is the purpose of this thread.

Why do it?

From our experience, the conventional process of finding a good consultant that meets your engineering needs is time consuming and difficult.  Likewise, the conventional process for a consultant to propose their services is time consuming and may not match the client needs.

Consultant Match is designed to address these shortcomings by providing a more efficient and intelligent approach to matching clients with consultants.

What does it do?

At its core, Consultant Match matches the consultant that best fits the engineering needs of the client.  The outline of steps to use the service are:

  1. Sign agreements, write proposal request that meets guidelines, assign tags, and upload.
  2. Algorithms scan your submission to match the best consultants and notify them.
  3. Matched consultants elect to participate, write proposals, and upload for review.
  4. Review consultant proposals, accept a proposal, and issue purchase order.

This service is important to Drivetrain Hub, as it speaks to our branding and desire to move the drivetrain industry forward by working together more efficiently and more connected.

If Consultant Match is of interest to you or someone you know, your input is greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to the new year!

The more conversations I have with folks, the more it is clear that our Consultant Match service will be of great benefit to both consultants and their clients.

One of the challenges will be to get people comfortable with a new way of doing things.

This thread is hopefully the start of addressing that challenge.

Progress is being made on the implementation of Consultant Match.  Folks are being shy about this open forum, but we are still receiving valuable input.

Promising announcements lie ahead!

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ANNOUNCEMENT:  The consultant application process has launched for Consultant Match!

Our objective with this phase of the launch process is to qualify the network of consultants.  Based on conversations and gaining interest from onlookers, we are fairly confident the consultant qualification process will move forward swiftly.  

Upon establishing a diverse cross-section of consulting capabilities, the Consultant Match service will open to clients looking to hire consultants.

Learn more at

UPDATE:  We are continuing the search for well qualified consultants to join our Consultant Match network. 

The COVID pandemic has caused things to slow down for most businesses as they try to minimize the damage during this period.  It has also caused conferences and other networking opportunities to be cancelled.  Ultimately, this is likely to result in higher demand for our Consultant Match service as folks look for ways of connecting to drivetrain engineering professionals and hire expert consultants.

UPDATE:  With the pandemic restrictions beginning to lift around the world, we are slowly seeing businesses working to get operations back to normal levels.  It may be some time until that actually happens, but businesses are seeking solutions to help achieve that goal.  For drivetrain consulting professionals, we look forward to helping them achieve this via our Consultant Match service by connecting clients with qualified experts.

Learn more about how it works and signing up at:

UPDATE:  A message to our consultants...

Consultant Match has received strong interest and a steady growth of consultants since its launch in August.  Although we have seen some consulting opportunities, the volume has have been lower than we'd like to see and we'll continue to spread word to clients in the drivetrain industry.

Remember, our service helps streamline the quoting process for clients and consultants.  Since the client is required to provide detailed information in their RFQ upon submission to our service, this is greatly beneficial to the consultant in quickly understanding what the client needs and how to propose the right solution.  This is sure to save the consultant time and help reduce possible proposal revisions.

To take advantage of these benefits for your clients:

  1. Direct them to submit their RFQ at
  2. Email us at to let us know your client is submitting a request.
  3. We will ensure the client is matched only to you.
  4. Wonder how your consultancy would have ranked for the project?  We'll let you know!

We are poised to be the network for clients in need of drivetrain engineering solutions.