Gears App rollout

Following the launch of Drivetrain Hub and our Early Access Program (EAP), several features will continue to be rolled out over the coming weeks and months.

This thread will be used to provide occasional updates on the progress of the rollout specific to Gears App features included with the Basic user plan.  These features include:

  • Modeling internal gears
  • Modeling planetary carriers
  • Modeling planetary gears

Following the successful rollout of these features, the EAP period will end for all Basic user plans.  At that time, we will begin the rollout of Gears App features included with the Professional user plan, to be covered in a  separate forum topic.

As we near the end of our launch week, I am happy to report that things are going smoothly.  We have already been receiving some constructive feedback and we've updated our servers multiple times already to fix features, improve features, and increase speeds.

We want to continue collecting constructive feedback, so please share!

If you feel your feedback is suitable for open discussion with the community, feel free to post it here.

If you would rather share it privately, you can email us at

Welcome to the year 2020!

Over the holidays, we took advantage of the "slow" time to:

  • Automate our development and deployment processes
  • Improve server configurations for reduced latency
  • Add automated tests for increased quality control
  • Fix early bugs found

We are wrapping up some of the automated tests, and will then move on to additional improvements to the Gears App and rollout of internal and planetary gearing.

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UPDATE:  Now that our Consultant Match service is launched, we will be re-focusing our development efforts back onto the Gears App.

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UPDATE:  We are nearing completion of the developments for modeling internal gearing.  This also serves as a key component to modeling planetary gearsets.

One of the key elements to accurately modeling internal gears is simulating the manufacturing cutting process.  An example of this is illustrated below, whereby the internal gear toothspace is cut by the pinion generation process, commonly referred to as "shaping".  The series of black shapes represent the shaping tool in rolling action.  The resulting gear root fillet is shown in magenta.


UPDATE:  With the changes caused by the pandemic, it is clear that tools like our Gears App will be more important than ever for conducting business in a remote economy.  We realized this early on in the pandemic and it is why we've doubled down on development of the Gears App in the last few months. 

This means we are nearing the end of our Early Access Program (EAP) for the Gears App.  The feedback received from many EAP users has helped us develop the Gears App to become the world's best application for modeling and managing manufacturable gear designs across your engineering team, entirely from your web browser.

Stay tuned for the official rollout and website updates describing the many benefits and features.

 UPDATE:  We have made significant progress on the development of our Gears App in preparation for its production release.  We have officially ended the Early Access Program (EAP) and no longer accept invites.  To avoid any billing confusion when we begin invoicing for Gears App, all users have had their membership changed to our free Community plan.  Stay tuned for website updates as we near the production release of Gears App.

Thanks to the many users that tested Gears App and provided feedback!