Gears App free trial

By popular demand, users can now receive a free trial of the Gears App!

Prior to this, we did not provide free trials because our Gears App software-as-a-service provides unprecedented value and accessibility, never seen before in the drivetrain industry.  Our mentality was "For an amazing price, you can immediately try it all month!"

We falsely assumed that most users would come to us with this familiarity and industry knowledge, i.e. that professional-grade software is often very expensive and difficult to use.  As our demand has increased amongst academics, researchers, and hobbyists, it became clear that a free trial would be appropriate.

Additionally, as explained in the announcement about account types, users can now specify if their account is for Commercial, Academic, or Personal use to qualify for special discounts.

Free trials and account discounts is our way of showing support for the wide range of industries and people using our products and services!

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