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I don't know how to use this website actually and I really need help with this Q, my time is tight

the movement of the pulley connected to the electric motor in the sawmill used for cutting wood; It is transmitted to the pulley with the flat belt, to the gear turned by the spur gear with the clutch, and from there to the saw, which is rigidly connected to the gear. The belt pulley ratio (conversion ratio) is 1.2, the gear ratio is 1.5. The power of the electric motor is 1,5 KW and its speed is 1000 rpm. The number of teeth of the first gear is 8 and The center of the pulley and the center of the gear shaft can be subjected to angular movement during operation. I want the design of a belt pulley mechanism and gearbox with cylindrical straight spur gears ( a technical drawing can be good enough), speed of the saw to be 1250 rpm, the Diameter of the pulley to be 173mm, the Diameter of the pulley on the saw shaft to be 216mm, the Number of teeth to be 127 and the Number of teeth on saw shaft gear is 192

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